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Double Diamond offers a comprehensive list of ag retail services including agronomy services, custom dry & liquid application, valmar rental, mobile seed treating, NH3 delivery, and soil and tissue testing.

Leading with Agronomy

Double Diamond has 17 Business Agronomists who have an average of 15 years experience in the ag industry.  Their desire for constant learning of new tools and techniques will help manage your crop.


The focus of our Business Agronomists is firstly, understanding your needs, then adding value to your operation by being your second opinion for:

  • crop selection and advance planning

  • fertility decisions

  • seeding and crop establishments

  • management of weed resistance and chemical group rotation

  • field record keeping

  • disease and insect monitoring and management

  • harvest management

Spraying & Floating

Custom application services with our experienced operators running reliable equipment so that we are able to support your operation when needed.

Seed Treating

Accurate application by our 2 KSI commerical grade seed treatment facilities and 2 USC mobile seed treaters gives your crop a strong start.

NH3 Delivery

Full service anhydrous ammonia equipment for all your application needs.  Our team of dedicated professionals provides knowledgeable, safe and efficient anhydrous ammonia service.

Soil and Tissue Testing

Complete soil test analysis and tissue testing is conducted at your request to help you plan your nutrient needs.  

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