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Did You Know?  Double Diamond is an owner in WinField United Canada!

Who Is WinField United Canada?

In 2010, a group of western Canadian independent crop input retailers came together to form an association whose purpose was working together to build stronger businesses that help farmers increase their crop productivity and profitability.  This community of independent retails blazed a new trail that resulted in a seed, crop protection & crop nutrient distribution and service company in Canada that now is part of a North American footprint. WinField United Canada is the outcome of that vision. 

What Does WinField Do For Double Diamond?​

Our relationship with WinField United Canada allows us access to innovative products, tools and resources that would not be accessible to us otherwise:  

  • Being a part of WinField gives us a better seat at the table with manufacturers, allowing us to better represent the interests of our growers. 

  • WinField Answer Plots provide a wealth of detail in understanding that the products we sell are unique, exciting, and innovative.

  • Being an owner in WinField United Canada also opens doors to a much broader network of product experts and retail counterparts.  This allows us to draw knowledge and experience from their diverse geographies and backgrounds.  We help each other excel, allowing us to contribute more to our grower's success.

WinField Acadamy, February 2018, Saskatoon, SK
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